Top 5 Issues with Newly Completed Homes

Look beyond the dents and scratches

It is common to go into a newly completed home and see numerous stickers or pieces of tape identifying areas where paint touch-ups are required. These are important issues that affect the appearance of your new home and they are also the easiest to identify. Stop to consider all the things you can’t easily see. Reputable builders won’t take short cuts because it isn’t worth it in the long run but even the best can overlook some important details from time to time. Here are some things to look for.
Engage a Building Consultant to check your home during construction if you don’t feel confident to do it yourself.

1. Has everything been done?

It is important to double check that every detail of the agreed plans has been completed. Drainage, fittings, joinery, lights, power and other outlets can get missed or located in the wrong area. Check everything works, door close, toilets flush, appliances run and so on.

2. Stop the leaks

Water will cause damage over time if it can leak into areas it isn’t supposed to be. Check shower cubicles, bathtubs, basins, sinks and tubs are fully sealed. Ask for a copy of the installers certification for wet area waterproofing.

3. Water runs down hill

Inside, check that there is sufficient fall to shower drains and floor wastes. Water will run down hill and you want to make sure that is the same place as the drain. Outside, make sure paths fall away from the house and that there are no low areas against the building. Wet ground around building footings can cause excessive movement and cracking over time.

4. Look in the roof

Inside the roof space is not somewhere you would expect problems but it is worth a look. Check that insulation is installed correctly as different trades can disturb batts after they are first installed. Check the space is clear of builders rubbish.

5. Clean the gutters

Sometimes roof gutters are overlooked and not cleaned prior to hand over. They can have little pieces of metal lying in them that were make as part of the roof installation. Over time, those pieces of metal will rust and potentially damage the gutter, shortening its life. Check there is good fall on the gutters as well, water lying in the gutters will also cause premature corrosion.

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