Get a Builder on your team

We offer a range of services to assist the Principal Consultant fulfil their project role. We will fit seamlessly into your team to support the design and/or delivery process in consultation with the Design Principal.

Design Management

We will respectfully and methodically lead the design team through the design process, assisting with stakeholder engagement and reporting.

  • Management of development approval conditions through design
  • Management of the design process to meet agreed milestone dates
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project reporting
  • Development and tracking of the design program
  • Document review and risk assessment
  • Construct-ability advice
  • Co-ordination reviews
  • BIM co-ordination

Contract Management

Fisher Brennan can provide contract management support to your firm, letting your designers get on with productive work. We always defer to the project architect on matters of design intent and detail.

  • Management and administration of the construction contract as the Principal’s Representative
  • Acting as Superintendent
  • Review of project plans
  • Certification of Progress Claims
  • Variation and claim assessment
  • Reviewing progress against program and cash-flow.
  • Advice on managing and mitigating risk and contingency planning

Periodic Inspections

We will assist you with monitoring progress on site and compliance with the design documentation.

  • Report on progress at key stages
  • Review program status
  • Quality assurance checks against the design and statutory requirements

Completion Report

  • Reviewing all aspects of the completed project
  • Detailed report (including photos) of all issues that should be addressed prior to handover and final payment.