Building Contractor

Bring on an impact player

It can be difficult to manage internal resourcing in a fluctuating market. Using an experienced construction consultant to provide an extra pair of boots on the ground, or to fill a temporary gap in your project team, makes good sense.

Fisher Brennan Consulting can help you better manage your risk and deliver a better outcome for your business:

Dilapidation Reports

  • Options for complete building scan, video or photo.
  • Report can be presented in various formats
  • Detail recorded in high definition digital media

Design Management

  • Management of development approval conditions
  • Management of the design process to meet agreed milestone dates
  • Document review and risk assessment
  • Coordination reviews
  • BIM coordination

Project Management Support

  • Short term resource solution
  • Remedial management
  • Sub-project management
  • Claim preparation

Commissioning and Handover Planning

  • Advising on development of a Commissioning and Handover Plan
  • Advising on Commissioning and Handover Programming
  • Chairing of Commissioning and Handover co-ordination meetings
  • Tracking subcontractor progress against program

Completion Report

  • Review of all aspects of the completed project
  • Detailed report including photos of all issues that should be addressed prior to handover and final payment of subcontractors.